Barcelona to Build Lionel Messi Museum Next to Camp Nou to Help Generate Funds for Club Legend’s Summer Transfer

Barcelona to Build Lionel Messi Museum Next to Camp Nou to Help Generate Funds for Club Legend's Summer Transfer

Barcelona to Build Lionel Messi Museum Next to Camp Nou to Help Generate Funds for Club Legend’s Summer Transfer

With Lionel Messi’s contract at Paris Saint-Germain set to expire in just a few months, the rumors of the Argentine superstar’s return to Barcelona are gaining momentum. The Catalan club is reportedly planning a dedicated museum to help raise the necessary transfer funds for Messi’s homecoming.

Messi Linked with Return to Barca

Lionel Messi, widely considered one of the greatest footballers of all time, left Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain in August 2021. However, his move to the French club was mostly due to Barcelona’s dire financial situation. With Messi’s PSG contract expiring at the end of the season, the rumors of his return to Barcelona are once again on the rise.

Catalan Club Still Needs to Raise Funds

Despite the rumors, the path to bring Messi back to Barcelona is not clear-cut. The Catalan club is still grappling with a significant financial crisis, and raising funds for the Argentine superstar’s return is a top priority.

New Messi Museum Would Generate Consistent Income

In a bid to raise the necessary transfer funds, Barcelona is reportedly planning to convert the old headquarters of their youth academy, La Masia, into a museum dedicated to their star player. The proposed “interactive and immersive center” would attract thousands of fans and tourists, generating consistent income that could be used to finance Messi’s transfer.

What Happened?

Reports suggest that La Liga President Javier Tebas is awaiting a “feasibility plan” to bring Messi back to Barcelona. The proposed museum is seen as a way to generate the necessary funds for Messi’s transfer while also providing a lasting tribute to the Argentine’s contribution to the club.

The Bigger Picture

The proposed museum could not only generate funds for Messi’s transfer but also boost the club’s revenue streams in the long term. By attracting thousands of tourists and fans, the museum could become a significant source of income for Barcelona, helping the club recover from its financial crisis.

And What’s More?

Talks have reportedly already begun with telecommunications company Telef√≥nica to make the museum a reality. If the proposed figures fall within Tebas’ recently stipulated limits, then the La Liga chief is likely to approve the transfer. Messi’s return to Barcelona would not only be a significant boost for the club’s morale but also generate substantial commercial revenue in terms of TV rights, benefiting the league as a whole.


The proposed Lionel Messi museum next to Camp Nou is an ambitious project that could generate consistent income for Barcelona and help finance the Argentine’s return to the club. With talks underway and La Liga’s approval pending, Messi’s return to Barcelona is looking increasingly likely. If successful, the museum could become a lasting tribute to Messi’s contribution to the club and a significant source of revenue for years to

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